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Three-Step Strategy to Rule B2B Marketing on Facebook


Facebook marketing works well for B2B companies. If you target other businesses, you may need to rethink how you run your Facebook page.
Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website. It can be used for B2B marketing to increase sales and boost your brand. The key is to employ the right strategy.
This blog introduces you to a three-step strategy that can give a powerful boost to your B2B marketing on Facebook:

•  Step one - Find your audience

The purpose of any marketing campaign is to maximize the ROI (return on investment). Facebook offers you many tools to help you maximize your ROI.
The world’s largest social network allows you to run ads that are visible to only those people who work in a specific company, or graduated with a certain degree, or live in a particular city, state, or country. In other words, you can limit your campaign to those people who are more likely to purchase from you. For instance, if you are a publishing company, you can limit your marketing campaign to people who live in Washington or New York and read The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times.
The success of your B2B marketing campaigns depends on locating and targeting the right people.

•  Step two - Create thoughtful content

The type of content that you publish and share with prospects on Facebook has a special tone and style. The content has to be useful, while striking a delicate balance between the casual ambience of Facebook and the professionalism of your business.
Focus on content that will be useful to your readers. People tend to share information that they perceive as useful. The more thoughtful your content is, the more reach you can expect to gain.
And finally, never make any hard sell. It may put off potential clients, and and hurt your online reputation. Keep the content informative and engaging - something your users will love.

•  Step three - Timing is important

After you have honed in on the target demography and created content, make sure it reaches your audience when it is going to be most appealing to your prospects. Several studies have suggested that engagement rates for B2B marketing are particularly high during middays (between 12:30 and 14:00) and evenings (between 16:00 and 18:00).
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