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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips from Industry Experts


Big or small business owners, today, all rely highly on social media marketing to generate buzz about their products or services. 
The number of social media users has increased tremendously from 2017 to 2018 reaching up to 3.196 billion people, taking a leap of 13 percent.
However, keeping up with the latest trends in Social Media is a tough job that needs a proper strategic plan and its successful execution. Keeping this mind we have gathered some useful social media marketing tips given by experts as posted on Social Media Examiner website post. 

Here are the Top 5 Tips that we picked up from the post:


Tip 1: Post Content Consistently

John Lee Dumas, founder and host of EntrepreneurOnFire has one advice for social media marketers and that is to post content on regular basis and we can’t agree more. 
The posts you create should be relevant, interesting and offer some value to your audience. He also suggests using Edger, a social media scheduling tool that allows you to manage posts you are releasing. This platform also saves you from posting the same kind of content and upsetting your followers. You can schedule the content indefinitely on Edger so that it can post on your behalf for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Edger will soon start serving Instagram and Pinterest as well. 

Tip 2: Use Hashtags Strategically

If you want your social media plan to be successful, stop random acts of hashtagging and use a good hashtag to tie all of the pieces of your campaign together, says Peg Fitzpatrick, a social media strategist.
Using a hashtag on social media has become a thing but don’t waste it just like that. Use it smartly and create a hashtag that is easy to spell and easy to remember. You also need to make sure that your hashtag isn’t already being used for something else for your campaign. Once you create your hashtag, follow and join the conversation!

Tip 3: Analyze Past Content before You Post

Social media expert Neal Schaffer recommends analyzing data for content duration before you post. You can use BuzzSumo to evaluate what content performs or performed best in terms of social sharing.  BuzzSumo provides a list of top-performing content as per social shares including the keywords that are part of your social media strategy. 
With the help of with this data, you can increase the effectiveness of your content curation by publishing content that has a greater chance of success on a specific network.

Tip 4: Organize Targeted Private Hangout on Air Events

Martin Shervington, a Google+ marketing expert emphasizes on the fact that in order to sell your products or services, you first need to reach the right audience. 
Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) events provides you the platform to use a private community alongside regular, so you can host a dedicated, private experience while having conversations with the right people. This does not allow you to reach the right audience but you can also give them access to links/resources which results in a great customer service experience.

Tip 5: Expand Reach on LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn has become the preferred platform for the content marketers specifically for bloggers. But, do you know that LinkedIn has a new publishing platform?
If you don’t then it’s the right time to know about it and use it, suggests Melonie Dodaro, founder of Top Dog Social Media. Publisher makes your content searchable by using keywords in LinkedIn’s post search box, which boosts your website online visibility. Moreover, both your connections and your followers get to see your published posts and all these posts have the potential to reach new people as well.

Final Thoughts

From analyzing content to using LinkedIn Publisher, it’s the little things that make your social media marketing strategy a success. The fact that we have well- documented tips from industry pros makes it all the more interesting. The hard work is done for you, now all you have to do is follow these tips and make your next social media campaign a success.
If you use any of these social media marketing tips or know some more then share below in the comments.   
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