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Top 5 Android Application Development Tips


With more than 80% of the world's mobile market share as accounted in 2017, Android is the only reason why smartphones have become predominant among the entire mobile operating systems.
The increasing popularity of Android devices has motivated Android application developers to find new and innovative ways to develop better products for their customers. In order to achieve this, they have to face various during the development phase which needs to be addressed so that the end-customer is able to have a great experience while using the app.
Here we have provided some of the top android application development tips developers should consider while developing an android app:

1) Analyze and Follow Android Design Guidelines

Google has constructed a set of Android design guidelines to help out new Android developers to create Android apps that behave and feel the same way while providing a consistent UI/UX. These guidelines are popularly known as Material Design. By following these guidelines, it will be easy for end-users to properly understand the working and enjoy the app as well.

2) Understand Your Users

It is important that the developer understands what your user needs and designs an app on those lines. Users appreciate it when developers listen to them and take their feedback seriously. It makes them feel important and they will continue using the app. Pay your attention to Play store reviews to understand what features you should add or push out in the forthcoming updates.

3) Optimize Your Apps

Mobile users just hate those apps which take a long time to open or processor which take up unnecessary space on the phone. The pace of flow and the overall size of the app are one of the most important factors which contribute to the success or failure of the app. Hence, it has to be kept in mind by new developers as it can result in reducing the speed of your app drastically.

4) Develop for Multiple Devices

Android provides the flexibility of using the same app on multiple devices. But, for an android application developer, it is quite difficult to test the product on every device. Therefore, in order to maintain consistency among the various devices with different sizes, it is better to build an app for multiple devices by using density-independent pixels as Android then automatically calculates the right amount of pixels depending upon the screen size.

5) Test Your App Thoroughly

Never release your app without testing it! Having a bug-free mobile app is an asset and to achieve that, certain measures need to be taken. Make sure the app is tested by alpha testers and then undergo beta testing in the second stage. The flaws and inconsistencies revealed during the testing phase should then be corrected before the final release.
Choose Cogniter Technologies for a Flawless Android App Development Experience
Cogniter has been in the mobile app development field for more than a decade now. We understand every client's needs and provide a customized Android app based on their requirements. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced developers who provide topnotch android app development services and for different platforms such as iOS, Windows, etc.
If you have any kind of android application development requirement, feel free to fill in the contact form or email us at info@cogniter.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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How to Improve Your SEO Strategy by Working with a Company


When it comes to ranking high in search engines, you will need an impeccable strategy that doesn’t have even have a single loophole.
If you are persistently looking for SEO tips and ways to optimize the content on your website, you don’t have to do it all alone. You may find it much easier working with a company offering SEO marketing services that will boost your SEO keyword strategy.
SEO strategy is constantly changing and having an entire team working for you will help develop a plan that will find the right keywords for your business, optimize content around those keywords, and get your website ranking as highly as possible on every search engine.
Their experience with keywords will boost your SEO strategy in the following ways:

Keyword Selection 

The whole point of SEO is to rank for as many keyword search phrases as possible. Not just any keywords, but all of those words or phrases your customers use to find and research topics on the internet that your product helps with. A professional SEO team will search and evaluate the finest keywords which will yield the best results. Moreover, they will optimize those keywords to gain the highest rankings.

Competitor Keyword Analysis  

If your SEO Company is helping you improve your SEO strategy, they will start with a situational & competitor analysis. Competitive keyword analysis is one of the most effective ways to gain a crucial advantage over other businesses in your industry. But nobody knows your rivals better than you, so it is your duty to guide the company by letting them know what competitors to look at.

Optimizing Keywords 

One of the most important things your SEO Company can do for you are- once you determine the keywords you want to rank for, optimize your pages and content around those keywords. 


A SEO Company would help with optimizing pages and content by:

Including the appropriate keyword in each title 
Inserting it in the Meta description and URL
Including a call to action
Including a topic tag
Using subheads that include the keyword phrase
Making sure the keyword and variations of the keyword are used throughout the blog post
Including at least 2 internal links to product pages and related blogs on your own website

Content Optimization

Optimizing on-page SEO elements is not enough. You also need to match the content on the page with the search purpose of the chosen keyword. It's important to understand what searchers are looking for, what they want, not what your business wants. The company you hire can help you track what is performing well and what content, or keywords, may need to be changed. They can also help you find keywords and match them to content reflecting the buyer’s journey.  

In Conclusion 

There is a lot that goes into a digital marketing strategy, especially when it comes to SEO. What worked five years ago may not work for you today. The key is having a team on your side to keep you ahead of your competition. The Cogniter Technologies SEO Marketing Team can do just that.
Cogniter Technologies offers Offshore SEO Services in India and worldwide. Our SEO marketing services are top notch and designed to increase traffic and improve your brand’s presence across search engines.    
Generate long-term results with our SEO marketing services. Write to us on consultation@cogniter.com and we will reply with free non-committal analysis.
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5 Ways to Revamp Your PPC Ad Campaign Strategy


If you're not seeing the results from your paid ads, it's time to rethink your strategy moving forward.
You already have done a lot to bring the most fruitful result out of your PPC campaigns. Now, it’s time to start fresh with your entire effort. A few changes could help you spice up your entire PPC campaign. 
Or you can hire an offshore PPC management company that uses sophisticated services to boost your leads and revenue.
Meanwhile, apply these 5 ways to your PPC campaign to turn non-working paid ads into effective lead generators: 

1) Upgrade Your Ad Copy 

The success of your campaign likely depends on how improvised and your optimized your ad copy is. Upgrading your ad copy and making it more relevant and catchy ultimately leads to better PPC campaign performance, driving more sales and increasing conversions. Perform an audit to find if the ad copy is still effective or some updates are required. 

2) Work on Your Bidding Strategy

Making the required changes to your bidding strategy is another way your PPC campaign can be revived. Review bidding rules to improve your bidding strategy for better reach of your ads. Go deeper through your PPC ad campaigns to determine where improvement is needed. Don’t hesitate to create new rules that align with your advertising goals.

3) Review Your Converting Keywords

Reviewing your keyword is another great idea for rejuvenating your campaign. Create a keyword list of highly relevant keyword terms that are in the account. You can also incorporate more keyword terms into the account to align with the voice search as well. Take help of the Google keyword tool to ensure all match types are in accounts.


4) Review Your Audiences

Next step is to review your audience. Take time before adding an audience to your list. Adding a whole bunch of audiences could affect your campaign delivery. An ideal step would be to choose audiences wisely and build them slowly. Use bid modifiers to add audience. Once you have enough data to play with, you can then make changes to the bid modifier.

5) Retarget Over And Over 

Before re-targeting, you must first identify which actions you are going to re-target your visitors with.  If people bounce away from your landing page after clicking on your ad, you need to re-target them with a fresh message and a different value proposition.  You may also re-target someone who begins to fill out your opt-in contact form but doesn't complete it, to remind them of the benefits the will receive when they sign up. 

In Conclusion

If your PPC ad Campaign is not performing well, do not wait around by continuing to spend money and time over and over on something that isn’t giving desired results. These 5 methods provided can help you get the targeted, pre-qualified traffic you need to succeed. 
Working with an experienced offshore PPC management company can start to change your traffic stats for the better in just hours after launching your PPC Ad campaign.  As your leading digital marketing agency, we at Cogniter Technologies possess a pristine clear understanding of your requirements. Our PPC services are designed to meet your business objectives.
 If you are curious about our PPC services, write to us on consultation@cogniter.com and we will be happy to provide a non-committal analysis free.
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Top 4 Benefits of Using Joomla for Your Website Development


Joomla has become one of the most widely used open source content management systems. All you need is a skilled and experienced team of Joomla website developers to help you in the process. 
Joomla has earned a good reputation and large user base in quite a short span of time due to its amazing features and functionalities. Joomla provides you the platform where you can design corporate websites, highly interactive multi-lingual websites, media portals, blogs and e-commerce applications, and other publications. 


Out of the numerous benefits of using Joomla for website development, few main are listed below:


1. Easy and Time-Saving 

If you think it requires extensive knowledge of CSS, PHP or HTML to use Joomla to create websites, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Making a website with Joomla is very easy and saves your time significantly. It has an easy to use control panel. You can edit text online, add images and set keywords. It also gives the power to edit menu items in real time. It is easy to prepare a whole new section of a website, and once it is set to be launched, you need to go to the Menu Manager and publish it from there.


2. Flexible and Interactive 

With Joomla, there is a great scope for customization. If you want your website to have some distinctive features, you can achieve that with Joomla’s wide range of extensions. 
Joomla owns more than 8000 Joomla extensions. You can add social media widgets onto your website to integrate social networking, with the Joomla extension. If you want to focus on consumer feedback and need to create several customizable forms, you can easily do that with Joomla extensions. There is just no limit to how functional and interactive you can make your website with Joomla.


3. Large User Community

Did you know that Joomla has a community of over 200 000 users? 
What this means is that if you are facing any issue, you can take help from people (from the Joomla community) who have used this CMS. Remember, anything you are facing right now has already been faced and solved by them. Joomla community is usually very active, that is the reason everything is detected very quickly and uploaded on its forum be it any loopholes, updates, security concerns, software bugs or any other issues. 

4. SEO Friendly

Joomla is SEO friendly, and one of the main benefits is that Search Engine Friendly URLs are built in it. Initially, you had to enable the URLs in order for them to get you better SEO rankings. However, this option is available by default since Joomla 1.6.
You have the freedom to choose your own Meta keywords and Meta description of your web pages, which in turn improves your SEO. The bottom line is that Joomla allows you to perform basic SEO yourself. 

In Conclusion

With the benefits shared above, it is clear that Joomla is a great choice for website design and development. If you want an effective and captivating website for your business, then it is highly recommended that you choose Joomla CMS and get Joomla website developers to help you build the website of your imagination.
If you have any query regarding Joomla website development or to hire Joomla website developers, you can contact Cogniter Technologies, the leading Robust Joomla Website Development providing Joomla website development services for more than 15 years. Write to us at consultation@cogniter.com and we will revert back as soon as possible. 
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