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4 Ways You Can Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

MONDAY, APRIL 08, 2019

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts as well as your Facebook page.
How people engage with your content has a lot to do with reach.
Yet, with all the interactions that Facebook allows, organic reach fell by 52% in 2016.
Thanks to the ever-evolving Facebook organic reach and changes to their core newsfeed algorithm, even some of the most popular brands are finding it difficult to reach to their audience.
But there are digital marketing strategies for Facebook to improve your reach and build a Facebook audience because this social media platform still boasts the largest fan base of all. 
Here are 4 ways to boost your Facebook organic reach

1) Build your presence and authority

Growing your presence is not about increasing your page likes. What matters is that you build enough authority to command your audience to action. This means that they will engage with your content more favorably. You need to start attracting the right kind of people to your Facebook page. Constantly reinforce your message, post content that is relevant to your business, and always be consistent. The main point here is to read your audience’s mind and know on what type of content they react to and then customize the information to build a solid brand presence.

2) Publish Timeless Content 

 Timeless content is the most powerful tool at your disposal to achieve any goal for your Facebook page.  Select posts that have done exceedingly well and continued to provide value to your audience long after it was published. Now, put a new spin to it and use it in another way, such as in a video format which is a big hit amongst audience these days. Publish your recreated content at different times to ensure that some fresh eyes get to see and engage with your newly revamped content.

3) Create Most Engaging Groups

Facebook is about building communities. A tightly-knit group is the closest you can get to it on social media. You have two options, one is to start your own group or join a highly engaged and relevant group that serves your business goals. We pick the first as it is best Facebook marketing asset as it allows you to listen and engage with your brand advocates. Invite your most engaged audience members to join the group and ignite conversations relevant to your industry to boost post engagement. 

4) Publish Native Video Content

Native videos have become the strongest performer in the news feed causing media marketers to use more video blog post content. The video plays silently until a user clicks on it. Make sure that your video is of high quality from the first frame and it needs to capture attention, even without sound. For further engaging the video viewers, you can add a call-to-action (CTA) to visit your website or a destination of your choice.
If you want, you can pin a video to the top of your videos tab on your Facebook page. The featured video also appears on your about us section, which you can use to promote any upcoming events. 

In Conclusion

By using these helpful Facebook marketing strategies, you can increase your reach on the world’s most popular social media channel. 
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