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How to Write Effective Google Ads Copy


It is a challenging task for a PPC Copywriter to create an ad copy that can generate clicks and send traffic to your landing pages when there are thousands of other advertisers bidding on the same keyword. 
You can opt for hiring a PPC Management Company to help manage your business’s PPC advertising, or you can take help of Google AdWords tutorials and guides available online. In any case, maximizing your AdWords investment starts with creating killer AdWords copy that compels your audience to click instantly.


Here are the top three tips to writing effective AdWords copy:


1) Address Directly to Your Customers 

You need to speak directly to your customers and create a copy that solves their problem. Since your ad could be the first platform where a new customer might interact with your business. Use the power word ‘you’ while speaking with them in the ad, connect with them on a personal level. Provide a solution to their problem or invoke an emotion that triggers them to press the click link. People tend to react to words that hit their emotional chord.

2) Make Your Ads Hyper-Local 

It is important that you address your target audience geographically, provided your pay per click advertising services are being offered worldwide. You need to welcome your potential customers and make them feel that you are there to help despite their geographic locations. You can achieve this by writing your headline and copy that targets customer within a specific geographic region. Include a local number where they can directly communicate with you as well.

3) Perform Thorough Testing 

To surpass the competition, you need to create an ad copy that clearly stands out and for that, you need to test your copy again and again, and again. Never assume your first copy the final one. At least create three ad copies, run all of them on Google and see which one performs the best. This way, you will get to know what your audience is looking for and what type of language they react to. After evaluating all, you can shape your AdWords campaign accordingly. 

Bottom Line

As mentioned in the beginning, writing AdWords copies are tough but at the same time a lot of fun as well. Once you start recognizing the important factors, your ads will start performing better and better.
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