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5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Skilled WordPress Developer


5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Skilled WordPress Developer
WordPress is the most popular and credible Content Management System at the moment, used for both blogging and non-blogging websites.
The ease of use  which WordPress offers has made it the first choice for website developers. Moreover, it offers a large number of templates, themes, plugins and websites can be fully customized at any point of time as per your requirements.
In spite of it being easy to operate, it doesn’t mean that you can hire any developer, immature or inexperienced, doing so can ruin the whole user experience of your wordpress site. If you want to create a website that generates revenue and is user-friendly, you should hire WordPress developer who has got ample knowledge in this field.  
Here is a list of benefits that you will get on hiring a skilled WordPress developer for your website:
Offers Technical Support
If you lack enough knowledge on technical issues on websites then hiring a WordPress developer will be an ideal choice. The developer will assist you in the right direction about the site. Also, the developer will guide you on how you can yourself do regular maintenance on your site when he or she is not around.
Provide WordPress Related Solutions
A professional WordPress developer is well aware of all the things that are essential in making the web function as you envisioned. The developer will take into account all the website related work such as code customization, theme management, and the whole design and development phase. The developer can create a website that attracts the audience you are targeting and increases your ROI.
Website Customization Services
Hiring a WordPress developer will help you conveniently customize your website in your preferred style. The customization will include selecting plugins for the website which will be great for your business. Similarly, you can decide to customize the code and the design part tailored to fit your requirement.
Flexible Hiring
The best part of hiring WordPress developers is that you can hire them on an hourly, monthly or fixed salary basis which will give you an additional benefit as you don’t have to recruit a full-time employee for this job. You can keep a regular check on their work as the developer will be reporting to you directly or indirectly.
Data Confidentiality and Security
Your data is important and it should not fall into the wrong hands. If you hire a Wordpress developer, confidentiality is taken care of as they will guarantee safety and confidentiality of your data. Also, the Wordpress development company from which you hire a Wordpress developer would have a dedicated server which is a secure place for your data.
In Conclusion
For a top-notch website, you need to hire a talented WordPress developer who has proper knowledge and experience that can be beneficial for your website’s performance and ultimately for your business. 
Here at Cogniter Technologies, we have a highly skilled team of WordPress developers that provide custom development services to assist you in achieving your business goals. Get in touch with us via our request quote form or drop an email at consultation@cogniter.com.

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4 Common Software Testing Myths that You Should Not Believe


When it comes to the topic of software testing, there are a lot of myths about it that people believe and are difficult to separate from fact. 
But, since businesses rely so intensely on platforms that need testing (websites, apps and more), it’s an important part of any software creation process. Any independent software testing company who want to provide top notch testing services to their clients utilize every bit of software testing. 

Let’s break down the five most commonly believed myths about software testing, so you have a better idea of how testing fits into development.


Myth 1: Software Testing Starts Post-Development

Testing after development (TAD) has an increased chance of delaying project delivery. On the other hand, testing driven development (TDD) caters to greater efficiency during the project development lifecycle and excellent customer experience in the end product. With TDD methods, you can realistically maintain software expectations which in turn, help developers and testers make appropriate adjustments to each stage of the development. 

Myth 2: Automation Testing Has Replaced Manual Testing

Automated testing is most efficient handling repetitive, monotonous testing, but this method cannot yet replace human insight. Manual testing is still critical for tests that are highly dependent on keen discernment or judgment. It is challenging to write automation scripts and it requires continuous maintenance and reworking as the product develops. Ideally, the best approach is to use both manual and automated testing methods.

Myth 3: Programming Knowledge is Not Required to Test Software

A complete understanding of the development process is necessary to test programs accurately. Testing includes formulating, designing, executing, and evaluating unit test results, which is a creative process and asks for a sound knowledge of programming. 
Software testers create relevant test cases for the different scenarios in a project. That is the main reason that software testing company has a number of software testers for better website execution. 

Myth 4: Testers Add No Value to the Software

There is absolutely no truth in this. The tester analyzes and understands how the entire system works from the end-to-end standpoint. Unlike the programmers who often spend most of their time working on a very specific area, function or component of the application. Testers get a better chance to demonstrate their understanding of the product in a way that adds value to the product.


In Conclusion

Testing software is an integral part of any quality product. The proper understanding of the value of testing can save software testing companies from offering a disappointing user experience, receiving bad press coverage, as well as avoiding significant financial losses.
Cogniter Technologies is an independent software testing company in India that offers full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for web, mobile, e-commerce platforms, social networks, and SaaS integrated web applications and more. Contact us to discuss your testing needs. 
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Top 5 Advantages Of Xamarin Mobile Application Development


For businesses of all sizes, building a mobile strategy is of utmost importance. Facts state that approximately 80% of Internet users possess a smartphone and that figure is going to increase in the near future. 
This strategy not only means having a mobile-friendly website but also well-executed apps. However, in this fast-growing technology environment, developing mobile apps to keep up with the growing demands can only be achieved with the right set of tools and the right platform. 
Luckily, Xamarin is one such application development platform that can help us develop application with a quick turn-around time. When it comes to developing, testing and releasing mobile applications quickly across iOS, Android, and Windows, Xamarin is the right choice. 

Here are the top advantages of using Xamarin for mobile app development:


Native User Experience

Xamarin mobile app development framework allows developers to reap the benefits of the phone such as sensors, touch inputs, and the operating system by using a wide range of native API levels on all the major platforms. The framework makes it very easy to channelize the expertise of Android Fragments and Beacons.

Eradicate Manual Coding

With the Xamarin framework’s inbuilt C# Type Inference, a mobile app developer can skip manual coding while developing apps. This is one of the biggest benefits that attract developers. It helps in speeding up the development, testing as well as the delivery process.

One Code for Different Platforms

Xamarin is based on C# as well as native libraries wrapped in the.Net layer, which allows 90-96% code to be used again to develop apps for other platforms. This also saves the developer’s time spent on maintaining multiple code bases and coding for multiple platforms. 


The framework supports App Testing on more than 2,000 devices. Mobile app developers have the chance of subscribing to the Test Recorder Tool, allowing them to track and get report of all the bugs, which may come in any of the 2000 devices that they can test on. This minimizes the time of troubleshooting, which makes their work very easy.

Wonderful User Experience

An app created using Xamarin technology remains flawless in terms of user experience. The framework provides better performance as well as accessibility for all major platforms where users have the opportunity of exploring features and functionalities, resulting in a highly engaging and intuitive app.

Wrapping Up

The rich features and amazing benefits of Xamarin all point towards flawless cross-platform native applications for mobile app development. In addition to the above-mentioned five reasons, Xamarin boasts an ever-growing community of 700,000 plus developers who are continuously collaborating and enhancing the software.
Hire our highly skilled and experienced Xamarin developers having vast knowledge of Xamarin mobile apps to giving a customized solution.
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Top 4 Reasons to Use Drupal for Your Small Business Website

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2018

When it comes to building a solid website for a small business there are literally hundreds of content management systems out there, but we want to focus on one in particular- Drupal. 

Why is Drupal the best CMS for your small business? 

First and most important, Drupal is free and open source software (FOSS). This means it is free to download and use, and there are never any licensing fees. Also, open source means you have access to the code and can change it whenever you choose. 
But why else should you use Drupal?

Here are four reasons why you should choose Drupal for website development: 


1) Drupal is Highly Customizable and Extensible

Today, most of the small business owners are using Drupal website development services to develop their website. Drupal can readily replicate many of the simple content management systems (CMS) that you are used to by providing an interface where you can create new pages, rearrange your menus, and easily post a blog. Drupal’s extensibility will allow you to adapt your site to any need that your growing business demands. 

2) Drupal is Secure

A website’s security is as important as its technicality. An insecure website will be open to hacks that could ultimately crash your website, resulting in downtime and lost customers. Drupal is the most stable and most secure among any available CMS because Drupal has an active community of security experts constantly resolving the code for vulnerabilities.

3) Drupal is Social 

One more reason why Drupal is an optimal tool for building a result-oriented website is that- it is SOCIAL. Result-oriented websites engage users. Whereas most websites are essentially online brochures, Drupal is a content management system and a social media platform in one package. Traditional CMS’s are still struggling when it comes to social media, but Drupal was built to be social from the very beginning. 

4) Drupal Has a Growing community

Drupal website developers are a more close-knit community. There is a support system in place and a constant feedback loop on drupal.org that allows new developers to seek advice from their experienced peers. Additionally, Drupal development community is constantly updating and building modules to expand the platform. 


When you need to build a substantial website that you want to grow enriching your small business, you should seriously consider Drupal web development services. If you’re in the market for a secure, rock steady, reliable, full-featured CMS, contact Cogniter Technologies, a leading Drupal website development company to discuss your website design and development needs.
Contact us and send your requirements to hire our dedicated, certified & skilled Drupal website developers for your project. 
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