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Six Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search


In the last few years, video marketing has become immensely popular with businesses to get the desired attraction towards their services.
The reality is that today, we can not even browse the internet without seeing a video. With the explosion of video, it has become much harder to get ranked in the universal search results online.
Getting higher rank with your video on universal search requires your website to be authoritative and you also need to make sure that it is video-focused and ranks well for video-related queries. Your Off-Page SEO Internet Marketing strategy should include videos as well. 

For better results, optimize your video search with Six ways mentioned below: 


1. Define the Goal and Choose the Right Hosting Platform 

When choosing your video hosting platform, you will need to consider the reasons why you want your videos to rank. For instance If you are less concerned about getting traffic to your website, and more focused on general brand awareness, YouTube and Vimeo may be better options to explore.
If gaining on-site traffic that brings conversion is your prime goal, then exploring alternative hosting platforms would be an ideal choice. 

2. Insert a Video Transcript with Targeted Keywords

Video transcript is the text that is paired along with the video. When you scroll through your Facebook feed, you likely see several videos with this text alongside the video. It makes you able to get to know what the video is about and here you can even add your SEO keywords. 
Video transcripts make your videos more accessible to a larger audience as they make your videos more layered by search bots since there is additional text on the page.

3. Create Title and Description of Your Video Carefully

Just like for a blog post, the title and Meta description play an important factor into ranking videos. Spend time crafting an engaging video title and description. Do a proper keyword research to ensure you are targeting keywords that people are actually searching for. At the same time, don’t just stuff the title and description with loads of keywords.
Just check if it is clickable or interesting and then process with those who agree with your requirements.  

4. Embed the Targeted Video on the Page First

Google typically indexes only one video per page, so if you are including multiple videos on a page, ensure that video you want to get ranked is first.
The search engine crawlers usually stop crawling for videos after that first video. Hence, having multiple videos on the page is probably not the best idea if you are trying to optimize for one video specifically. Keeping the page focused around that video will ensure it receives the traction it deserves. 

5. Make the Video the Focus of the Page

Time and time again, it has been observed that websites usually put video below the fold so users have to scroll and scroll and scroll until they finally land on the video. This naturally leads to low play rates because people don’t want to go out of their way to hunt down the video. Search crawlers also are unlikely to go out of their way to index a hidden video. The best way to increase your video’s crawlability factor is to make it the FOCUS of the page.

6. Do NOT Rely Solely on SEO to Promote Your Video

SEO Internet Marketing is helpful but you can not rely on it entirely. Google is constantly changing their algorithms, video is evolving at a lightning-speed pace, and relying on search bots to rank your videos is not a consistent strategy to guarantee views on your videos. SEO is hard to control, and moreover it is constantly changing. So, if you are truly looking to get more clicks and eyes on your video, investing in paid video advertising is a strategic route. For that you can hire a PPC Company in India.


Visual elements are important from an SEO perceptive and are also vital for making your content more interesting and readable.
Cogniter Technologies is one of the leading Internet Marketing SEO Company in India that offer strategic campaigns and a range of video search optimization services to give your business a number of benefits. 
Contact us if you are looking for more information on Video Optimization Services OR Offshore SEO Services.
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Four Great Advantages of Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services


Keeping a remote eye on businesses has become extremely necessary due to the unpredictable future outcomes that occurs in a complex IT environment.
Network issues, unmanageable situations, unwanted threats, minimal security, huge volumes of unorganized data, lack of decision making power and need for IT departments to 24/7 monitoring the infrastructure, remote infrastructure management services seems like a wise decision to incorporate in your business.  

There are Four great advantages of remote infrastructure management that make it a popular option for IT organizations:


1. Round The Clock Support

IT infrastructure typically breaks down at the untimely moments. It can cost a lot if you hire IT personnel to monitor and solve problems round the clock. However, remote infrastructure management services  offers you the manpower as it involves assigning a team of experts to each account to ensure round the clock support. This manpower means you can expect any IT issues including on weekends, holidays and after office hours in addition to regular working hours.

2. Customized Services

Hiring remote IT infrastructure management services doesn’t necessarily mean handing control of your IT department to the third-party. You can clearly determine your requirements and only acquire the services that you need. There is the option to handover management of servers, maintenance and network services for example, and hire on site staff to cater to the internal help-desk.

3. Additional Services

Hiring in-house IT infrastructure management technicians offers you very limited job responsibilities. On the other hand, remote infrastructure management companies, offer additional services that save you money and downtime. Infrastructure analysis for example helps to identify potential problems before they occur and find areas that need improvement for optimum performance.

4. Constant Technological Advancements

It is not practical for the average organization to pay for constant staff training and invest in the newest infrastructure or management systems. Remote infrastructure management service providers however have the funds and resources to stay updated with the latest technological advancements in all areas. This means that your organization enjoys newer, superior and more efficient services.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that Remote infrastructure management services offer amazing benefits that would be difficult to get from your in-house team.
It is worth noting that the return on investment is directly proportional to the RIM service provider you choose. Cogniter Technologies offers superior remote infrastructure management services in India and abroad to all of our clients.
Many network engineers of our remote infrastructure management team are Microsoft and Cisco Certified with total experience of over 20 years in our midst. We are the right partners for any and all of your remote infrastructure management services requirements.
Get in touch with us to hire our remote infrastructure management services. Our email address is consultation@cogniter.com!
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Why Kotlin is Better than Java for Android Application Development


For years now, developers have been using Java for Android development. However, due to the limitations like being verbose, old, and error-prone to name a few making android developers to choose the new programming language Kotlin for web development.  
Most of the Android app developers today are opting for Kotlin web development as it is precise in writing, comes with great IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the most amazing part is that it can be adopted into an existing Java code.
Apart from these, there are ample other reasons why you should opt for Kotlin over Java for your Android app development: 

1. Provide More Concise and Safer Code

One of the biggest advantages of Kotlin over Java in the case of Android development is that you are able to solve the same problems using fewer lines of code that results into more reliable code with fewer bugs and crashes on the UX side.

2. From all the other benefits that derive from code conciseness most important of them are:

It is easier to maintain
It is easier to read, write
Developers can apply changes effectively and efficiently 
As we already established that Kotlin’s code is concise, therefore it is self-evident that a concise, compact, and clear code is completely a safer code!

3. Supports Full Java Interoperability

Another best thing about Kotlin is that it is 100% interoperable with Java. For Kotlin android developers, it can be a tremendous help as they can right away start implementing Kotlin in your existing Java project without changing the entire project in Java. So, if you are thinking to switch over to Kotlin and migrating your project from Java is really an easy job.

4. It is a Functional Language 

 Kotlin has gained a cutting-edge advantage over other languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, Scala and others. It consists of object-oriented as well as functional constructs and can be used in both the Kotlin programming language styles or by mixing various elements from the two.  In short, functional concepts can be used more concisely and explicitly with proper function types which boost the final performance.

5. Enhanced Productivity

Another one of the key advantages of Kotlin over Java is that it has been built with developer productivity in mind. With Kotlin’s concise code, including its intuitive syntax and its overall clean language design, it will take you less time to write new code in Kotlin. This will also help to deploy it and to maintain it at a bigger scale, saving a lot of time and efforts of Android app developers.

Final Thoughts

Kotlin is making the life of Android app developers a whole lot easier. Many well-known companies are shifting towards Kotlin and are using it to offer state-of-the-art services. So, implement Kotlin to your existing Java code and experience the awesomeness of Kotlin by yourself.
Hire Kotlin for Android developers today for safer, stable and reliable codes of your Kotlin web development at Cogniter Technologies. We have a team of award-winning Android mobile app development services for startups and enterprises with expert Kotlin developers.
Cogniter provides its Kotlin Android application development services in USA and India and throughout the world. Get in touch online or email us all your requirements at info@cogniter.com
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Top 3 Ways to Protect your Business Reputation on Social Media


Whether you are using it for customer support, sales, marketing, or community outreach, social media has become a major focus of marketing strategies for businesses across the world. 
One major concern of business when it comes to social media is their brand reputation and how to maintain it. Reputation management is an integral part of digital branding. As per a study, 97% of business owners has expressed that Online Reputation Management (ORM) is important to their business.
As social media has a huge influence on its viewers, it becomes a necessity to develop a reputation management strategy to protect it from converting in a negative perception.

Routine Social Media Audits

Make a habit of searching each social media platform you are on for duplicate pages or profiles on a regular basis. You can get a clear idea of how your company is being represented to the audience. You might find some duplicate pages where people are trying to use the name of your business to increase traffic to their website. By being vigilant, you can spot these duplicate pages in a timely manner so they can be reported and removed before traffic is diverted to those pages instead of yours.

Double Check Your Content

The content you post on your social media channels needs to be credible in order to gain the trust of people, who could become your customers in future. If not, then people are not going to take your brand seriously, and your company's reputation will suffer as a result. Make the time to check your math, verify spelling, look up definitions, and do a little online investigation to confirm the validity of your claims. Remember, people can be pretty unforgiving on social media.
Apart from this, you should avoid controversial content such as using humor appropriately in your posts. No, all jokes are taken well, it might offend some people!

Engage With Your Audience

There is no point of having a social media page at all if you are not going to engage with your audience.
Social media is all about engagement. If a customer posts on your page asking a question, has a complaint or sends you a message, they expect a response and you need to provide that at any cost. If you fail to provide any response it can have a severe negative effect on your company's reputation, as an upset customer will share this unpleasant experience to their friends and family, and certainly, that is not of publicity you are looking for. This should be the first task on your ORM Strategy Development.


Before you send a tweet or post a status that you wish you could take back, be aware of how you are communicating with customers and prospects.
Safeguard your reputation by developing and working according to a full-proof Reputation Management Strategy at Cogniter Technologies.
Cogniter's experts have been into reputation management since 2003. The clients include everyone having an online presence from individuals, small businesses to multinational conglomerates. Whether you have negative reviews, misleading comments or undesirable words in search query autocomplete suggestions, we can help by utilizing our Online Reputation Management Services.
Get in touch with us via our request quote form or drop an email at consultation@cogniter.com

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